May, 2020, Newsletter

Published: June 15, 2020

29 Years of Great Music

From Helga Hampton                             

Dear Amigos,                                                                         May 17, 2020

Newsletter time !!!!    Yet, what news ????

It is privilege and motivation for me to communicate with you via these Newsletters regularly because there is good news to report and new plans to discuss with you. Normally !!!!  Alas, these times are far from normal, and even if news seems to be getting better, the making of plans is still out of our hands.  As long as the running of this wounded world we live in is in the hands of , at best, a partnership of science and politics, decisions are made FOR us not BY us. The guidance out of this pandemic of needs being a concerted effort of scientist- advised politicians and, us, collaborating and responsible individuals. 

We, the Amigos de Musica, need the very best plans made for both, our health and for the pursuit of our passion.  We fall into the highest risk group – median age of our membership being 71 years – and for our habitual indulgence in music we need congregation in a confined space and conviviality.

In compliance with government guidelines we still find ourselves in a very precarious and also disadvantaged position: Os Agostos, our cherished venue, is everything but suited to an early resumption of concerts as we love them, and travel restrictions – mainly air transport – will deprive us of musicians for a while to come.

So, dear Amigos, we are dependent on a far greater relaxing of restrictions than we are already “enjoying”,

before we can plan a resumption of concerts.

All membership matters also have to wait until we have agency again, so that the Committee can take a decision regarding subscriptions.

The June Newsletter might take us a few steps further.

In the meantime enjoy much “canned” music and other cultural documents  – isn’t it ultimately the arts that are helping us to get through the lockdown ?  You might also be interested to visit the websites of some our planned musicians.

Especially Helene Tysman I recommend.

But I also hope that we will be out of confinement soon for the sake of an economic revival and a bit more sanity.

Stay safe, stay sound and stay at home as much as possible, especially as more and more potential dangers lurk out there.

 Hugs, par distance

Helga Hampton

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