Published: June 14, 2017



Membership year 2017/18


Dear Amigos,


Another membership season will have passed after the June 2017 concerts and I don’t hesitate to say that our beautiful venue, Os Agostos, by now holds a unique place in the Algarve’s musical life. We have been able to consistently present world–class musicians in this magical place, with its excellent acoustics and intimate atmosphere. And you with your support have played a key role in helping maintain quality at this high level of programming.


The annual membership fee was adjusted last year for the first time in 9 years to € 200 and will be unchanged for this coming season. So, while maintaining all the benefits, you will still have free entry to all 16 regular concerts planned for 2017/18 as well as to any special events. (Please see the confirmed programme for the 2017-18 season listed below.)


Benefits also include the monthly Newsletters, in which you receive early notification of concert dates and programme details as well as advance information about the individual artists. Let me here point to another benefit that has mainly been ignored: if you contribute to the hosting of our artists, you can have the unique opportunity of meeting some extraordinary people. Take them out to a coffee or invite them to lunch or dinner and you probably will have made some new interesting friends. Our artists are invited to spend a week in the Algarve, and some of them have never been here, so there is a good chance to show them a bit of our beautiful coast and to let them meet some of the locals, i.e. resident Amigos.


With our charitable arm of Sponsorship of Young Portuguese Musicians, we aim to foster the educational progress of promising young musicians abroad, and we have been able to make a difference for a number of young people. (Please see details on our website: Any additional contribution is the best support for us to continue in this endeavour, and I thank you personally very much for your help with this particular hobby-horse of mine.

2017-18 Amigos renewal:application form

Application to renew your membership is easy: clicking on the link above will open an Application Form which can be printed, duly filled in with your details, and mailed, together with your cheque* made out to “Amigos de Musica” or “AAMSL”, to

Mr. Michael Savage,

Pes do Cerro, C.P. 317-Z,


8700-124 Olhao


If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please use the following:

IBAN/NIB:   PT50 001800004041014600103 and BIC: TOTAPTPL.


Important: When using the bank transfer mode, please also fill in the Form giving your details plus the information of your  payment and mail this to Mr. Savage.

*you can, of course, bring your cheque AND Form to one of the next concerts and hand them in.


Thank you for showing your appreciation of our work by renewing your membership.

Helga Hampton


PS: For all questions you may have over and above the information gleaned from the Amigos website, please contact me by email:






September 19* and 20, 2017            The Haga Duo / guitar and flute from Sweden

October 10 & 12, 2017            Joana Gama, piano ( please note change of date)

November 21 and 23, 2017            Nicolas Koeckert, violin,

December 12 and 14, 2017            Anne Kaasa, piano and M. Jose Falcao, cello                 

* The AGM will be held preceding the Tuesday concert as will a short recital byTiago Rosario, who

wants to introduce himself to the Amigos as our potential next protégé.

Please also note that the September concerts will be on 2 consecutive evenings.            




March 13 and 15, 2018                        Piers Lane, piano

April 17 and 19, 2018                        Helene Tysman, piano              

May 8 and10, 2018                        Kiril Timofeev, cello and Evgeny Sinaiski, piano

June 12 and 14, 2018                        Istvan Lajko, piano



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