Newsletter, December 31, 2020

Published: January 4, 2021

To all Amigos/as

From Helga Hampton                             

Dear Amigos,                                                                                                  December 31, 2020

Please join me in an ADIEU to 2020  –  the year that I summarily would like to describe as The Big Test.  An extraordinaryscourge raised its ugly head to all of us, with challenges for Solidarity, but found us wanting, so it lingers and festers and kills. When shall we learn that we all hold the key to the solution of this test:  individual responsibility, care and consideration. Science is offering a reprieve, and it seems to give us a chance to look into the new year with hope. Hence, bye bye to 2020, and forgive me these morose sentiments.

I welcome 2021 and actually look forward to a year that will not only be “normal” but come with the added advantage of lessons learned and expectations re-evaluated. We here in the relatively “safe” Algarve have been able to add to our quiet and ordered existence some live music during the autumn, and you all were great good sports to tag along with changes and alterations and adjusting of well-loved habits.  And so I am encouraged to press on for the rest of the 2019 -2020 concert season.

But first let me welcome in our fold these new Amigos:

Caroline Alioto

Thilo and Sabine Berg

Marthe and Hubert Boullion

Daniele and Philippe Cramer

Brenda Hindley

Morag and Karsten Pomaska

Sheila and Dick Purchase

Catherine Rossignol


Annelys van der Eijk, who is rejoining.

I am also very pleased to have received notification of membership renewals by a great part of the members already. Thank you for the friendship and trust, and an additional “Thank You!” for the generous donations, too. Much appreciated, in these extraordinary circumstances with some extra-ordinary expenses.  Much obliged!

We have 10 fixed and confirmed concerts planned from February to June 2020 and I give you the updated Schedule below. The norm is to have recitals and/or chamber music on a Tuesday and a Thursday, but PLEASE NOTE in February Maestro Sandu will play on Monday, February 22nd and Wednesday, 24th.

What also gives me particular pleasure is the fact that our new addition of matinee performances during the pandemic has been accepted by you with enthusiasm!  And I am sure you will be pleased to hear that all our future artists also are more than willing to play their programme several times.  After this dearth of live music making, all musicians are eager to play play play. So, matinee performances of all concerts planned are at 11:00 and the evening at 19:00. Gates open an hour before and refreshments are served to be taken to the seats.


Preliminary Planning

(updated December 12, 2020


Feb 22 and 24 (note changes!)                  Constantin Sandu, piano, confirmed

March  23 and 25                                  Dudana Mazmanishvili, piano confirmed

April 27 and 29                                      Katya Apekisheva, piano and Pavel Fisher, violin, confirmed   

May 11 and 13                                       Leonardo Pierdomenico, piano. confirmed

June  22 and 24                                      Giulio Potenza, piano confirmed

 Reservations are absolutely necessary.  Please send your email reservations to Cristina as usual:

She is prepared to accept your reservations from end of January 2021 to either the matinée or the evening performance, so please specify – for guests the usual contribution of Euro 25.00 will be expected as prepayment.  Bank details will be given when you reserve.

Wishing you as harmonious a New Years Eve as you are able to plan in your bubble.  There will be a lot of music of all kinds, and let us all wake up in 2021 with fresh optimism and fortitude.

Stay safe, stay in touch. See you in Os Agostos in February 2021.

Best regards,

Helga Hampton

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