Newsletter, January 2021

Published: January 21, 2021

Amigos de Música at Os Agostos

30 Years of Great Music

Dear Amigos,                                                                                                  January 20, 2021

After rereading my last Newsletter with the “Adieu to 2020”, I admire the author for her optimism and cheer with which she invites you/us all to look towards the coming “better” year.  In relation to the pandemic situation, she also applauds us for living “in the relatively safe Algarve”. Well, little did she know then that this all can change overnight – indeed literally over night!! Relaxed Christmas and New Year’s celebrations brought Portugal to this – let me quote from the New York Times of Jan 19, 2021:

“Portugal’s hospitals are on the brink of becoming overwhelmed with coronavirus cases, with fears the country’s hospital system could buckle in the face of steadily rising infections. The country has registered more than 10,000 new cases of COVID 19 daily for the last 5 days.’

Portugal has one of smallest intensive care unit capacities of any country in Europe, with just 672 beds available, and by Sunday, 647 intensive care patients were being treated for the virus.

Marta Temido, Portugal’s health minister, said the country was “very close to the limit” and called on citizens to follow the latest lockdown rules in order to help reduce the “very high” pressure on hospitals.  Everybody needs to make sacrifices.”

Yes, the solidarity for which I appealed means just that:  We all have to make sacrifices, and in our case this means, having to approach the start of our concert season with trepidation. We find ourselves in a total lock-down and cultural events are not excluded as they were during the autumn.

Should we be lucky with an easing of restrictions by mid February we CAN and will go ahead with our planned concerts on Monday, February 22nd and Wednesday, February 24th, 2021.  Constantin Sandu, our pianist, who comes from Oporto is standing by very willing to come to the Algarve.

In the meantime, we cannot take reservations for these concerts or for any future concerts, please understand and please stand by, too.

If it becomes possible to congregate, Os Agostos is also there, waiting for us with open arms, and we can go ahead. You will receive notification by email.


BUSINESS: First of all I would like to welcome in our midst the new Amigos:

Caroline Leydecker Alioto

Sabine and Thilo Berg

Daphne and George Burnett

Marthe and Hubert Boullion

Daniele and Philippe Cramer

Brenda Hindley

Karsten Pomaska

Sheila and Dick Purchase

Catherine Terrien-Rossignol

Annelys van der Eijk (rejoining)

I also am very pleased to have received notification of membership renewals by a great part of the members already. Thank you for the friendship and trust, and an additional “Thank You!” for the generous donations, too. Much appreciated, in these extraordinary circumstances with some extra-ordinary expenses.  Much obliged!

Our Treasurer, Michael Savage, is abroad for the time being, so he would like any renewal payments to be made by internet transfers. It would also help us to have an indication of those members who do not intend to renew, as this would facilitate accepting more new members. Just send me a brief note to that effect. Thank you !

Mainly for our new Amigos I would like to add this:

It gives me particular pleasure that our new addition of matinee performances has been accepted with enthusiasm!  And I am sure you will be pleased to hear that all our future artists also are more than willing to play their programme several time. So, matinee performances of all concerts planned are at 11:00 and the evening at 19:00. Gates will open an hour before and refreshments will be served to be taken to the seats.


Feb 22 and 24 (note changes!)                  Constantin Sandu, piano, confirmed

March  23 and 25                                  Dudana Mazmanishvili, piano confirmed

April 27 and 29                                      Katya Apekisheva, piano and Pavel Fisher, violin, confirmed   

May 11 and 13                                       Leonardo Pierdomenico, piano. To be confirmed

June  22 and 24                                      Giulio Potenza, piano confirmed

Stay safe, stay in touch.  I fervently hope to see you in Os Agostos in February, 2021.

And, may I add:  in a world with a new American President !!!!

Best regards,

Helga Hampton

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