Newsletter, June 2019

Published: June 18, 2019

Dear Amigas and Amigos,

In the afterglow of the last two concerts of the 2018/19 Amigo season let me take the occasion to thank you for your support and your friendship. The recitals with Alissa Firsova and Daniel Rowland were certainly the best Grand Finale we could have hoped for. And I just wish that all Amigos could have been present.

How privileged are we to have our very own composition? “Algarvia”,     the work commissioned by us from Alissa in her composer’s mode, and world-premiered on Tuesday and repeated on Thursday, was soul touching. We were present at the birth of a new musical masterpiece in which Alissa expressed special moments of her Algarve impressions. In her opus 42, she recreates, in 3 waves, reflections of life: birth and death – saudade – beginning of freedom and the flow of eternity – “there is no ending, there are only new beginnings”, is this young artist’s life philosophy. An intense and varied  piece for piano and violin in which Daniel Rowland`s Guarnieri del Gesu danced, and moved many to tears. (We shall have a YouTube recording link as soon as possible.)

The general music programme on both evenings was rich in variety. On Tuesday we were treated to the seldom played Violin Sonata by Edward Elgar; (which, by the way, was the subject of today’s Record Review Program on BBC Radio 3, as judged by our September pianist, David Owen Norris). The Thursday programme in Os Agostos gave us three of the great violin sonatas: by Beethoven, Brahms and Franck. What a superb treat when played in the partnership of two such inspirational artists!                                                           **********
So before I say good-bye and go into our summer break, I must add that we still have a chance of listening to some music together when we assemble again on Midsummer Night Saturday, June 22nd in our lovely venue, Os Agostos, at 18:00.  Our protege, Tiago Rosario, will be playing a lovely programme of music by Mozart and Chopin in demonstration of his pianistic progress. I am glad that this will be another popular and well-attended evening, in which to indulge in good food and wine on the terraces. You may still join us, if you have not yet made your decision. €30.00 per person to help with expenses and an email to will assure you a place.  Do feel free to bring family and friends – the more the merrier. 

After the summer break we kickstart the 2019/20 season with our AGM, which will precede the first recital of David Owen Norris, piano, and Paul Silverthorne, viola. They will play on Tuesday, September 10th and Thursday, September 12th, 2019.
PLEASE NOTE: only paid up members can attend the AGM. 
(The Invitation to Rejoin can be accessed on our website.)                                                

This being the last Newsletter of the outgoing membership year, let me
not forget to thank all our benefactors in so many ways:  
Thank you Cristina for being the best and most beautiful Receptionist.  
Thank you ladies at Quinta Properties, our most generous sponsors.  
Thank you ValVerde Apartments for always being there when
accommodation is needed.
Thank you, as always, to our hosts in Os Agostos: Maria and Antonio
Thank you the many Amigas who step in when I don’t know to whom to
turn for help with entertaining and hosting artists: Renate, Erla, Prue,

I look forward to spending Midsummer Night Evening with you next

Helga Hampton
at Os Agostos
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