Newsletter November 2017

Published: November 29, 2017

To all Amigos/as

From Helga Hampton

NEWSLETTER                        November 8, 2017

Dear Amigos,

It has come to my ears that my Newsletters are too long !

So, here the new format – concise, short and informative:


November concerts are taking place on Tuesday, November 21st and Thursday, November 23rd at the usual time of 19:00 at the usual place, Os Agostos.

The programme on 21.11. features works by Ravel, Saint-Saens, Chopin Franck and Tchaikovsky. On 23. 11. there will also be Mozart, Schumann and Liszt.

The pianist, Dudana Mazmanishvili, comes from Georgia and the violinist, Nicolas Koeckert from Germany. We are very lucky to have these artists here and I am proud to

present them to you.


December concerts are presented on Tuesday, December12th and Thursday, December 14th

by the pianist Anne Kaasa with the cellist Maria Jose Falcão, and their programme has works by

Mozart, Ravel, de Falla on the first evening, and Schumann, Grieg and Rachmaninov the second.


All programme details you can get by visiting out website:

And make your reservation as usual:


Amigo Concert in February 2018: You may remember that it was decided to add 2 more concerts to your subscription – making this 18 concerts per annum, and the additional month will be February. I am happy to tell you that we were able to successfully invite the Leader of the London Symphony Orchestra, Roman Simovic, to come to us then. He will be coming with his wife, Milena, who is a viola player of renown. We are thinking of introducing them to the Amigos and at the same time celebrate the new addition to our activities by declaring this event an Almond Blossom / Spring Music Fest with the dates of February 20th and 22nd, 2018.

I shall keep you informed about all developments of this idea . Keep the dates – they are fixed.


Amigo Only Dinner with Music: Plans are progressing to have a Dinner evening with music only for Amigos during the latter part of the month of May 2018. It will be in a restaurant in Faro and all further details will be given as they become fixed.


Amigo Music Trip: We are thinking of arranging a bus trip to the Music Festival of Marvao for Amigos, which takes place annually. In 2018 it will be between July 24th and 28th. Visit their website. What are your thoughts about this new project ? Let me know.


Opera / Ballet in Cinemas: You may be interested in the next relay from the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in our local cinemas. It will be the ballet “The Nutcracker” on Friday, December 8th, 2017 at the new NOS cinema in the now opened Mar Shopping Center near Loule. The telephone number I got online is 6996 – strange – so, go visit the amazing new Mall and make your reservation. You may also be able to pick up the leaflet with all future programmes: e.g. Rigoletto in January, Tosca in February, 2018, etc.

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