Newsletter re: Attendance

Published: November 10, 2018
Dear Amigos,
I am surprised that I am able to write this mail to you as my hands are still in
applauding mode after last night`s incredible concert with Charles Owen.
HOWEVER, this letter has to go out, because the message is Very Important 
and I shall limit myself to the one subject:
                    Reservation of, and attendance at, concerts.
Our concerts at Os Agostos are usually fully booked which means that we
attract a crowd of music lovers of around the 100 mark.  We own 100 chairs
and the auditorium is filled to capacity when all chairs are arranged for a
Reservations for the November concerts this week came in very swiftly and
Cristina had a full-house by the end of October and closed the reservation
Several Amigos called in for reservations 2 days before the concert on Tuesday,
November 6th and were very upset when Cristina could not accept them. She was
put under a lot of pressure and found herself in an embarrassing situation when
the Amigos insisted on their right to be seated.
Dear Amigos, please remember that you are indeed entitled to attend all 18 concerts
organised during a concert season, but this entitlement is always dependent on
your reservation each time you want to come.  We have had this rule now for
over 20 years, and let me remind you that you receive the dates of all concerts a year
in advance so that your reservations can be made long before any public reservations
are made and considered.
Please help us avoid stressful situations like Cristina, Os Agostos and I were faced
with yesterday and on Tuesday when last-minute additional seating had to be provided.
We want to be fair to our members, but we also benefit from the income from public reservations,
so, please help us maintain this equilibrium in an amicable and civil manner.
Book with Cristina  (not me!) as early as possible, and, if eventually you can’t attend,
cancel your booking with Cristina so your seat(s) may be given to someone else.
Cristina is happy to take your reservations for the December concerts any time now.
Send an email to Cristina Palma at:
We look forward to seeing as many Amigos at Os Agostos pre-Christmas as possible.
Have a good weekend.
Helga Hampton
at Os Agostos

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