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Published: October 11, 2018

27 Years of Great Music


To all Amigos/as

From Helga Hampton                            


October 12, 2018

Dear Amigos,

Invigorated by the precious precipitation from up high – finally !!! – here is some Amigo News:


Looking back“Nocturne” the Lucy Parham Chopin performances, well known to Amigos as more than “just” concert evenings, became amazing theatre events with the participation of the great actors Dame Harriet Walter and Guy Paul. How elucidating to have the romantic life of the tragic composer and the great love of his life, George Sand, brought to us in word and music so movingly and acutely. Lucy, pianist and wordsmith, has found the collaboration of the greatest actors of the English stage to bring her Composers Portraits across to the public with great success.

(Here at Os Agostos, there was this time a little fly in the ointment! Our multi-national, polyglot audience included a group of music lovers who did not have English as one of their languages and were thus a bit surprised that the evening was not entirely covered by the universal language of music. ….cant please all people all of the time….. We shall keep trying.)

The fact that both evenings presented the same programme did not affect attendance – we had quasi full-house audiences on both evenings. One of our committed Amigos put it very succinctly: “Two live performances in a row will never be the same!” How right he was, and I apologise once again to those Amigos who had made reservations for both evenings and who I discouraged from coming on Tuesday, because we were overbooked. Sorrrrrry !!!

Now looking forward – The November concerts on Tuesday, November 6th and Thursday, November 8th, 2018 with the wonderful Charles Owen on piano are indeed events to look forward to. His programme – very classically laid out, will bring works by Bach (the wonderful Italian Concerto in F maj), Brahms Rhapsodies, Debussy`s Estampes and the beautiful Schubert Sonata in C min on Tuesday. On Thursday we will be treated to a Capriccio by Bach, 3 Intermezzi and 6 Klavierstucke by Brahms, Ravel`s amazing Gaspard de la Nuit and a surprise by Liszt.


You might be interested to know that Charles Owen and Katya Apekisheva (our April 2019 artist) had great success this past weekend with the organisation of and playing in the London Piano Festival at King`s Place. Great reviews. How lucky we are to have these wonderful musicians coming to us.


Please make your reservations as usual by sending an email to: reservasconcertos@gmail.com

BTW: if members bring a friend, i.e. a non-member, please note that the usual contribution towards expenses of €25.00 is expected p.p. Thank you !


And, PLEASE REMEMBER: if you have made a reservation and then find that you will not be able to attend, please let Cristina know so that she can give the seats to others. Thank you !



 Welcome to our 6 New Members !

Thomas Lowry

Debbie Simons and Alun Cathcart

Annelys von der Eijk

Judith Foy

Linda Foord


There are a handful of Amigos who have not yet renewed their 2018/19 membership. I shall take the liberty of reminding them individually. Of course, we understand if they have decided not to

renew and look forward to seeing them whenever possible at Os Agostos as friends.



Extra Amigo Event: The Dinner with Fado on September 28th at the wonderful restaurant “Faz Gostos” in Faro was a jolly and convivial evening for the Amigos and their friends. The food and wine, incl. white Port as an apperitiv, was very good – this is a restaurant to remember. And the musical entertainment, generously covered by all 5 gentlemen InVersus Fadistas, did not only show us that there are various genres within the Fado tradition, but also brought to the fore the astounding beauty of the variety of Portuguese guitars and the music created for and by those gorgeous instruments. Expertly played and expertly explained.

A very good Amigo evening – lets have more like it.

For your Agendas:


Complete Concert Schedule 2018/19



November 6th and 8th,                                    Charles Owen, piano

December 18th and 20th,                         Pangea Trio: Bruno Belthoise, piano

Teresa Valente, cello

Adolfo Rascón, violin


February 26th and 28th                        Stephen Vanhauwaert            , piano

March            19th and 21st                                                      Jeroen de Groot, violin, Bart van de Roer, piano

(memorial for Joop Carp)                  

April 16th and 18th                                    Katya Apekisheva, piano

May 14th and 16th,                                    Holger Groschopp, piano, Adele Bitter, cello

May 21st                                                Paul Crossley, 75th Birthday Party, Amigos only

June 11th and 13th                                    Alissa Firsova, piano, Daniel Rowland, violin


Reservations are absolutely necessary: send an email to reservasconcertos@gmail.com or telephone Cristina on: 914 797 980



Helga Hampton
E-mail: helga.hampton@btinternet.com
www: http://www.amigos-de-musica.org


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