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Published: September 18, 2018

27 Years of Great Music

To all Amigos/as

From Helga Hampton


September 17, 2018

Dear Amigos,

Are you still bathing in the memories of the Andrey Gugnin concerts ??? Here we had a Russian pianist with very distinguished playing, looking younger than his 31 years and with many international prizes to his credit. How privileged are we to count him among “our” artists now.

I already roped him in for March 2020.


Next we meet “our” Lucy Parham again for the October Amigo music events on Tuesday the 2nd or Wednesday the 3rd 2018. Lucy has been a busy lady indeed – she was the radio and TV commentator of the Leeds Piano Competition last week and it was great to follow this prestigious competition with her expert view.

She is bringing us actors Dame Harriet Walter and Guy Paul for her next composer portrait

“Nocturne” – the Romantic Life of Frederic Chopin

and I urge you to make your reservations as usual. Both evenings cover the same programme.



Extra Amigo Event   –   INVITATION and CONFIRMATION


Please come to this unique event. Many of you have already signed up for this Fado Dinner Evening and I herewith invite all the others. Find all the necessary details here.


Friday, September 28th, 2018 at 19:30

Dinner with Fado by “InVersus”

the Fadistas of Coimbra

at the “Faz Gostos” Restaurant, Rua do Castelo 13,

in the historic centre of Faro near the Cathedral


Parking is plentiful on Largo de Sao Francisco, and from there it is a short walk to the old town.

The 3-course dinner with wine, water and coffee will be €40 p.p. and it would help us if you could prepare an envelope with the appropriate cash, marking it with your name. Hand it to the Amigos

Treasurer, Michael Savage, on the evening.


CONFIRMATION: With this Newsletter I am confirming reservations aleady made – ca. 40 Amigos have already signed up for this wonderful evening, including some family and friends – and we welcome anybody who wants to join in.

Just send me an email:

Also, please, tell me if you would like to sit together with some friends, so that we can make the appropriate table reservation.


I look forward to seeing you there next week.


Helga Hampton






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