Newsletter for November, 2010

Published: November 9, 2010

Dear Amigos,

I hope everyone enjoyed the last two concerts from Constantin Sandu and Horia Vacarescu. Marie and I certainly did and I suspect, remembering the happy look on the smiling faces as people left after the final encores, most others did too. Although at this stage no dates have been mentioned, we have mentally added them to our list of good people to ask to come back to play at the Cultural Centre at some time in the future.

The Annual General Meeting will be upon us on the 26th but before that there is another date which is just as important to all the Amigos. On Saturday 13th November our protégé Antonio Cebola will give his debut concert at Vale de Lobo.

During October, with the help of the Amigos and the some of the balance remaining in the Mundo Crastino Meliori foundation fund we were able to arrange for Antonio to have a series of seven private buy viagra new york Masterclasses from Maestro Paul Crossley in London. The program he will play is the culmination of that hard work. Along with the Amigos, Vale de Lobo is now an equal sponsor in the future development of this very bright and extraordinarily talented young pianist and so I urge all Amigos to give this event their fullest support. The concert begins at 19.30 and will last about an hour. It consists of works by Bach, Liszt and Chopin and there will be no interval. Tickets which cost 15 Euros are available now from the Cultural Centre and later at Vale de Lobo. The auditorium can seat over 200 people and we do not want to see it looking half empty, so please come along and bring your friends. The timing of the concert makes it a perfect occasion after which to go on for supper.

So dear Amigos, Please take this is as a red alert and come to the concert on the 13th. Remember that we along with Vale de Lobo and other charitable parties, have and will continue to have, a seriously vested interest in the progress of this young man with the intention of doing whatever is possible to help him establish himself as a fine pianist on a national platform

and who knows, maybe an international platform as well.

At last we get to the AGM for which everyone should have received the forms and information in the post. As usual the meeting will begin at 6.30 and will be followed at about 8 pm by a Gala concert when we shall have our final opportunity to listen to the progress of our sponsored student Joana Ballmann. Afterwards the Amigos have once again been invited to supper with Marie and the Cultural Centre team. It always seems to be a pleasant and jolly evening although it is not unknown to be accompanied by torrential downpours leading drivers having to make a mad splashing dash to their cars on their way home. Umbrellas perhaps?

Kind regards,


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