Newsletter, November 2021

Published: November 15, 2021

30 Years of Great Music

To all Amigos/as

From Helga Hampton                         

Dear Amigos,                                                                                                  November 14, 2021

And now for the last two recitals of 2021 at Os Agostos. 

Please plan to come to hear Nuno Marques in his two piano recitals on

Tuesday, December 14th and Thursday, December 16th, 2021

Nuno writes about the programme he plans to play for us, the following:

“ …..This is an adapted version of the program that I will play at the Portuguese Embassy in DC on November 18, and highlights master composers of Portugal and Spain, new and old, interwoven with their influences and those influenced by them.  I paired Scarlatti-Seixas, Liszt-Vianna da Motta, Freitas Branco – Granados , and 2 fados by Rey Colaco. And also a piece by my wife, which was influenced by the Iberian light and color.

The second program –  the Bach Partita no. 6 and Liszt`s Sonata in B minor –  is based on the deep human experience, especially relevant to these day –  two strong masterpieces I am very happy to bring to you in the Algarve.”

Please make your reservations for these 2 evenings now, by sending an email to:

In view of our increased membership and popularity with other guests, I would urge you   to avail yourselves of the early-booking-membership privilege by

making your reservations as soon as possible after receiving this notice!

And, please, do not forget to cancel your reservation if at the last

moment you find that you cannot attend.  We have a waiting list!!!

As usual, guests will be asked to contribute EURO 25.00, and please wait for confirmation as capacity is limited.  There will be a reception desk at Os Agostos. However, to avoid crowding on arrival, we still request that payment for guests be made in advance – Cristina will, as usual, provide details when confirming places.  Upon arrival at Os Agostos, please pass by said reservation desk to pick up your “RESERVED” sign to facilitate marking your seat preference in the auditorium.

Return to the public area where the welcome reception is prepared  in the spacious Os Agostos

White Dining Room  for easier circulation,

and during intervals, please always keep as much distancing as possible.

Our hosts asked me to pass on this message:

Please do not come before 18:00 and still observe our


Our hosts, Maria and Antonio Farrajota and I look forward to welcoming you again in Os Agostos, albeit all still masked until further notice.  Let’s still be careful, let’s stay safe and enjoy the great music.

Safe Hugs,

Helga Hampton

Proudly sponsored by QP Savills

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