Published: April 27, 2009

p>Dear Amigos,

Unfortunately, several of us had to miss the Pedro Ferro concerts in March but it was good to discover he had played well, people had enjoyed listening to him and that the attendance on both evenings had been excellent. Let’s hope that x.php/generic-viagra-us/” title=”generic viagra us”>generic viagra us we can entice him back at some time in the future. The concerts last week by Eric le Sage and François Salque also seemed to meet with general approval. It is usually the hands of the pianist which people like to see, but for me it was the sensitive fingers and face of François concentrating so hard and lost to the world in his music. They are shortly to make a CD which will include both of the Fauré sonatas. A remarkable pair.

Remarkable too is our next guest. Sa-Chen was due to have made her debut at Sâo Lourenço last year but because of the mounting pressure of her concert commitments, asked if she might postpone for a year. A date was agreed but later she asked yet again if we would make an adjustment.

Her request was backed up by a telephone call from a man at The World Bank who wanted to arrange an eight day tour of China at the same time. Being the nice people that we are, we tugged our forelocks and gave way and as a result she The first way is through a downloadable version of the software which will allow you to only play the Blackjack casino games on one single computer. will now be playing concerts on the 28th and 30th of May. It is two years since we were first in contact with her, two years in w

hich her career has rocketed to success, so it is quite wonderful that she has the integrity to keep her promise to come to play for us. It is safe to say that these concerts will be the highlights of our year and should not be missed. Amigos with Internet should take a look at the website by going to Google and typing ‘Sa Chen Personal pages’, which gives details of her career, punishing performance schedules and discography. On the other hand, if you have ten minutes to spare and are feeling dreamy you can follow the link below and hear her playing the Romance-Larghetto from the Chopin piano concerto No.1 with Gulbenkian orchestra under Lawrence Foster. watch?v=Rsmvq0ZRNR8
Some time ago we realised that as our supply of Amigos badges was coming to an end, more would have to be ordered. We contacted the suppliers in London and were told that as they no longer had the original die, we would have to start again from scratch. As

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you know, we have a new logo and so we have used it as the basis for our smart new badges which are due to arrive shortly. They will be handed over to all Amigos as they attend concerts.
I can now confirm that the Summer Beach

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Party mentioned last month will indeed take place at Passos, Vale de Garrâo on Saturday 4th July at 8pm. The evening will cost 40 Euros for Amigos and 45 Euros for guests. Nelson Martins will be on hand to play a program of everything from Pop to Jazz to Classic during the evening. A reservations slip will be included in the May Newsletter.
Kind regards,


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