March, 2011 – Newsletter

Published: March 9, 2011

Dear Amigos,

Thank you to those who kindly e-mailed me to say how much they had enjoyed the recent concerts given by Katya Apekisheva. I forwarded them on her in the sure knowledge that she would enjoy reading those sweet morsels of praise as much as I had. Have no fear, she is keen to come back and it is good to have the prospect of that bright little star twinkling on the horizon of our 2013 guest list.

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Everyone will have received the programmes for the concerts in March and April and we move on now from one musician who was born in Russia to three who were born in Germany. On Thursday the 24th of this month we look ahead to the masterful playing of the violin and cello duo, Uta Kerner and Sunita Mamtani. On the 26th they will be joined by pianist Julian Riem. The three have played together regularly over recent years; a tried and tested partnership which as always can be relied upon to produce the finest results.

Next, our Easter concerts on Tuesday 12th April and Thursday 14th

when we welcome back Australian born, Piers Lane. Piers is a very special old friend who still miraculously manages to find the time to come to the Algarve in the middle of his massive career. This time he has excelled himself by bringing with him the phenomenally gifted and successful clarinettist, Michael Collins. As some may already know, these two distinguished musicians recently made a CD which was subsequently enthusiastically reviewed in the Sunday Times Culture section.

This is turning out to a truly ‘good news’ letter as I pass on to you yet another positively encouraging piece of information. As you will remember, for several years we helped support Joana Ballmann during her studies at the Conservatoire on Cologne. The last time we saw her was when she came to play for us, superbly as it turned out, after our AGM in 2010. Joana has written to tell us that having sat her finals in February, she has been awarded Germany’s top grade, a 1.1, or to put it another way, as far as she could go. She goes on to tell us that she is being encouraged to take part in master classes in Sâo Paulo, Brazil in July and that she is also considering the possibility of studying for her Masters degree at the University in Sâo Paulo as well. How good it feels to have played a small but positive part in Joana’s life.

Since I hope we are all feeling so optimistic, here is a date to put into your diaries. On the evening of Saturday the 4th of June the Amigos will hold a summer dinner party. There are several options open, but to date we have not committed to any particular venue or exact format for the event which means that anyone with a particular preference or bright idea has until 19th of March to make the plan known. Please call or e-mail me and or any of viagra next day delivery the committee and tell us what you think.

Kind regards,



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