March 2017 Newsletter

Published: March 2, 2017

 Dear Amigos,


Has Spring finally sprung ? Did we have enough rain to last the hot season ? We certainly had a great sufficiency of Sahara dust to coat all surfaces and to give the car-wash industry a great boost. Gardens and agriculture may appreciate the additional iron in the deposits that were carried in by the red minerals. Beware of rust, though !


No, I have not branched out into geology. I am very happy to stick to the music and am getting very excited about the March concerts for which reservations are coming in very well. I am also happy to report that our “home” at Os Agostos” is gearing up to welcome us again after the winter lull. And if we are lucky with the temperatures, we shall soon be able to have our reception on the beautiful terraces. Our hosts have a very busy year ahead of them – their “main” business is, of course, Big Weddings, and thus far they have reservations for 45 such events this summer. It gives me much satisfaction to know that a number of weddings have been referrals by Amigos who have come to like our new venue. Pass the good word around.


Please note: Maria and António Farrajota, our hosts, in collaboration with their kitchen staff, have decided in future to serve canapés as an accompaniment to drinks only BEFORE the concert, not during the interval as well, when only drinks will be served. This was not a very difficult decision to accept, as the offer of fancy bits and bites was never intended to double up as, or be a replacement for, supper. I am sure this will meet with your understanding, too.


So, next will be the Berlin pianist, Holger Groschopp with the Berlin cellist Adele Bitter, to bring us together in March.


On Tuesday, March 14th: Rachmaninov – Sonata in G minor,

Poulenc – Sonata 1940 and Gershwin – Three songs and more


On Thursday, March 16th: Beethoven, Sonata No. 1 in F major

Mendelsohn – Variations concertantes and Busoni – “Kultaselle”

Saint-Saens – Sonata No. 1

Please make your reservations as usual with Cristina or Tel. 91 4797980

The routine as usual: gates open at 18:00, drinks at 18:30 and concert begin at 19:00


For you new Agendas here the upcoming 2017 dates


April 11 and 13, 2017                        Lucy Parham, piano and Robert Glenister, actor                       

May 16 and 18, 2017                        Bernd Glemser, piano                                                                       

June 20 and 22, 2017                        Alissa Firsova, piano, Tim Hugh, cello and

                                                Andrew Marriner, clarinet

You may notice the change in the April concert announcement. Unfortunately Henry Goodman had to cancel due to impending by-pass surgery, so Lucy Parham was lucky to find the famous TV and film actor Robert Glenister to come with her before Easter. And, as usual, Lucy´s ingenious programme will be the same on both evenings. We shall be treated to “Elegie: Rachmaninoff – A Heart in Exile” which Lucy has been performing in the UK recently to great acclaim.




Here a word is in order to thank the various benefactors who are assisting the running of Amigos de Musica a different ways:


–   Quinta Properties in association with Savills continue to be our main Sponsor for 2017 – thank you ladies !

– ValVerde Apartments offer accommodation for our April artists, for which I am particularly grateful as this is     during the very busy Easter Season. Thank you !

– Amigos Leonor and Johannes Griesler will welcome our May artist, Bernd Glemser, in their home during his stay. Thanks !

– Dr. Maryanne Whitehead, a personal friend of mine, is giving us her villa in Quinta das Raposeiras for Adele Bitter and for Holger Groschopp. Thank you !

– Amigos Prue and John Levitt have been making it a habit to invite artists from time to time to dinner at their house. Thanks


These financial contributions and generous offers mean a lot to us, as well as to our artists, and for different reasons: Our running expenses include transport for our artists, inter alia. Cost, especially flight costs, have gone up very much in recent times and especially bucket airlines charge a full seat for a cello, a violin or a viola! So, if we want to continue variety in our programming, by bringing in a duo or even a trio from time to time, saving on accommodation for our artist helps our budget tremendously. And, in addition, a personal invitation from dedicated music lovers, enhances any stay in the Algarve for our artists. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH.


You may be interested to know that I have already the entire programming for the 2017/18 concerts confirmed and I can promise you a lot of wonderful world-class raisins. Artists of this calibre make their plans and scheduling at least 2years in advance and I am happy to collaborate with people like Piers Lane, Andrey Gugnin, Joana Gama etc etc….

Something to look forward to.


I now look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday, March 14th, which will be a very special evening, too.



Helga Hampton


PS: I am always available for all questions or suggestions:

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