NEWSFLASH; September 17th, 2021

Published: September 19, 2021


Dear Amigas and Amigos,


I have a Radio broadcast of the semi finalists of the Leeds Piano Competition on BBC Radio3 – one of them playing the Scriabin Sonata No 4, in F sharp – a relay presented by “our” Katya Apekisheva, and I feel inspired to write this short News Flash to you.

Thank you for being such enthusiastic participants in our introduction to the 2021/22 concert season: our 30th Anniversary evening really felt like a good deserved celebration. Thank you!

And then the first recitals with the piano wizard, Milan Miladinovic. Lucky the Amigos who could come to either a matinee or a soirée- or indeed both! Masterful playing and enlightening introductions in a shimmering selection of works by two of the most difficult composers: Scriabin and Liszt!

No wonder that we are bombarded by requests for wanting to make reservations for the next concerts in October. And this is the real reason for sending you this short message:
PLEASE, understand our reticence. We are waiting for the Government to rule on further
easing of pandemic mandated restrictions

with the lifting of distancing requirements.
This would give us a chance to revert to “normal” full-auditorium evening performances with intervals and the elimination of matinees.
This ruling is expected very soon and our reservation line will immediately be opened for you.
Dates are fixed as are both October musicians. They are both as anxious as we are, since this decision has total bearing on their programming.

You will be getting the next Newsletter as soon as possible- DO NOT TRY TO RESERVE BEFORE YOU HEAR FROM US.

Thank you for your understanding.

BTW: The Leeds finals will be broadcast tonight and tomorrow evening. Very exciting, dont miss this most important music competition in the world at the moment!

Hugs, Helga

Helga Hampton



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