Newsletter 12 August 2021

Published: October 7, 2021

Invitation and Newsletter 12 08 21

To all Amigos/as From Helga Hampton


at Os Agostos

30 Years of Great Music



***** Invitation*****

Dear Amigos,
Summer greetings and WELCOME to the concert- and membership season of 2021/22!
This season we shall start by giving a unique event its proper dues: We shall celebrate the

30th Anniversary of our Association

on Friday, September 10th, 2021 with a Gala Evening at Os Agostos in the Marquee —–19:00—–

So, this Newsletter is first of all an invitation to all active members to come to Os Agostos where in the Marquee an evening with festivities is planned to which you can bring family and friends. They are cordially invited, too.

Accompanied by the inimitable catering of the Os Agostos Team, we shall have a chance to enjoy each other`s company, reminisce about many years of shared pleasure of listening to music of the finest kind, conviviality and friendship. We shall, how could it otherwise be, have a musical interlude by the original formation of the Vol’Art Ensemble playing for us to round off the evening.

Gates at Os Agostos will open at 18:00
and while we are still ruled by
pandemic restrictions!
we shall find ourselves in planned seating at tables for 6 by 19:00.

We are all expected to have had our vaccinations, and masks will still be worn until we are seated.

Os Agostos catering will be accompanied by fine wines for which the per person price is €35.00 for active Amigos and €45.00 for guests.

When making your reservation, please also let us know of any preferences with whom you would like to sit. There are 6 seats per table and a table plan at the entrance will guide you to your allotted table.

Please make your reservations by giving your name and the names of your guests, by sending an email to:

And PLEASE NOTE: This invitation is to all active Amigos! Make sure that you have renewed your membership.


at Os Agostos

Let me here take the opportunity to mention that we have 13 new Amigos in our midst – music lovers who have joined our circle this season, and with this festive occasion we have a wonderful opportunity to welcome them.

Jasiel and Justine de Oliveira
Jozefine de Groote
Orla Dargan
Joanne Fraser
Anne Hermal
Eveline Meier-Enzian and Walter Meier
Paula Cristina Rosa*
Hendrik Schep
Gillie Stenvers
Marlies von Doernberg
Digna Bak
+We have no contact details for Paula. If any other Amigo knows her please ask her to send her email address.

***************************************************************************************** The Gala Anniversary Celebration is “only” the beginning of the new concert season.

We have a full Schedule of monthly concert evenings for the entire year, see below, and we begin with the great Serbian pianist Milan Miladinovic in a programme of music by Scriabin and Lizst, on

Tuesday, September 14th and on Thursday, September 16th, 2021 still matinee on both days at 11:00 and evening at 19:00

Milan, who came to us two years ago when he showed us that he is a pianist with a difference.
This flamboyant musician explores quite theatrically the life and work of the composers. This time he will show us Scriabin: from passion and lyricism to ecstasy and mysticism, and
Liszt: from transcendental techne to philosophy and mystique.
We are bound to get yet again a masterclass in listening to music.

Please make your reservations by sending an email to:
As usual guests will be asked to contribute €25.00, and please wait for confirmation as capacity is limited,

I look forward to welcoming you again in Os Agostos, albeit still all masked.

Safe Hugs,

Helga Hampton


Proudly sponsored by QP Savills

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