Newsletter, May, 2014

Published: May 27, 2014


Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Dear Amigos,


This is the “Newsletter” you have been waiting for:  We have a new home !!!  Your Executive Committee is finally able to report the end of the year-long search for a replacement of Centro Cultural premises for our concert activities.

“Os Agostos” near Sta. Barbara de Nexe is a Portuguese estate dating back to the XVIII century that has been updated and is very busy organising weddings. For that purpose modern facilities have been created within the large park surrounding the old buildings. (See This, however, is not for us.

In a part of the original old buildings the erstwhile Adega and the adjacent Stables are spacious and well-renovated; thus lending themselves excellently for our purposes. The authentic atmosphere combined with modern conveniences and ample indoor and outdoor space will be appreciated by all of us, I have no doubt, and our Yamaha well secured  and taken care of.

The owners, Maria do Rosario and Antonio Farrajota, the present generation running this old family estate, will be our charming, htmlFeatures: – Severe weather alerts for your home, high school yearbook or GPS location- Zoomable local and national radar- Visible and infrared satellite cloud imagery- Current conditions based on location- Hourly, three-day and seven-day forecasts, in both quick-view or detailed format- Customized weather reports to any location by Zip Code or city- Regional and nationwide temperature mapScanning the sky with the highest precision and detail, we&#39re identifying and tracking weather that other radars miss! This Storm Tracker app updates every minute putting the most powerful and accurate weather information in the palm of your hand!Features Include:Interactive local national radarVisible Infrared satellite cloud imageryCurrent conditions based on your locationHourly, three day and seven day forecasts in quick view or detailed formatCustomize your weather locations by zip code or cityRegional nationwide temperature mapWhat’s New!Push notifications for storm alertsAll alerts display in the Maps Current Conditions displaysWeather News FeedLocal Forecast from KLFY Storm Tracker MeteorologistsBug FixesFeatures- Maps showing real-time watches and warnings, Doppler, radar, satellite Tornado alerts by county Live updates from Live Wire, Facebook, and Twitter Tornado Videos from KETV Channel 7 Checklists, Info, and Videos to help you be prepared and stay safe Slideshows of compelling images and tips Share your storm photos, videos with KETV u local – they may be shown on TVYou get the most up to-date and reliable hurricane coordinates data and high resolution maps. generous and music-loving hosts. If all goes as planned we shall be able to begin reviving our concert activities there end of September 2014.

This much for this Newsflash – more details will follow as soon as further decisions have been successfully made.  You can imagine that finding and hiring the calibre of musicians to which we are accustomed is of the essence right now. So please be patient a little longer, and I hope you will also be happy about these developments !

Best wishes,

Helga Hampton



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