Newsletter; October 25th

Published: October 27, 2020

30 Years of Great Music

To all Amigos/as

From Helga Hampton                             

Dear Amigos,                                                                                                           

It was good to see so many of you at the autumnally festive, musically enlightening duo evening and 

Amigo Last Night in the Marquee

on Thursday in sunshine and calm.  These concerts in the Marquee were indeed special.

Thank you for making these evenings safe by adhering to all the precautions.


And now, without further ado, as time is of the essence, on to the November concerts on

Tuesday, November 10th and Thursday, November 12th, 2020

Let me refer to the prior Newsletter when you received this news:

…… instead of cancelling our planned future concerts, we came up with the idea of moving back into our “old” auditorium where the piano is in constant residence. As a consequence of having to follow ever stricter social distancing rules, we will be limited to seating no more than max. 45 people there. Our hosts, in their never-ending generosity, are offering us the additional space in the upper room adjacent to the auditorium, called “celeiro”, where there are seating possibilities for another 10 – 12 people. This means that we will be staying within Government assembly guidelines. We think that concert performances for an audience of ca. 55 people are acceptable, and for economic reasons we are going to offer 2 performances per concert day.

That is to say, we are going to have a Matinée performance from 11:00 to 12:00, and an evening performance from 19:00 to 20:20 on both concert days. The Matinée programme will be the same as in the evening, albeit somewhat abbreviated, by artist request.  And there will be no intervals. An advantage of a Matinee, obviously, is the fact that there will be no night-time driving.

Please observe the following operational guidelines:

  1. Booking is required, as usual, by email. We would like to ask you to restrict your reservations to either the Matinee or the evening performance. Of course you can come on both days.
  2. Prepayment is required for guests and non-members.
  3. Masks are to be worn at all times, including during the concert and when not seated.
  4. The gates at Os Agostos open one hour before concert begin. Please don’t come earlier.
  5. There is one entrance to the auditorium complex, via the far right-hand door of the reception area.  Please avoid queuing and observe distancing rules.
  6. At the entrance, catering will be provided.  Take your refreshments to your seat.
  7. Seat reservations are not possible, but couples will sit together.
  8. The auditorium will be aired as much as possible, and heated when necessary.
  9. The full programme is attached to this Newsletter.

Our November pianist, Hélène Tysman, has to come from Paris! She will be staying at Os Agostos.

This wonderful French pianist chose a splendid programme for us. Let’s hope that she will be able to make it.  Air travel and quarantine rules make travel ever more problematical.

Reservations are absolutely necessary.  Please send your email reservations to Cristina as usual:

She is prepared to accept your reservations to either the Matinée or the Evening performance, so please specify – for guests the usual contribution of Euro 25.00 will be expected as prepayment.  Bank details will be given when you reserve.

Stay safe, stay in touch. See you in Os Agostos.

Best regards,

Helga Hampton

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