Published: October 15, 2010

Dear Amigos,

Well what a spectacular way to begin a new season?  It was back in June 2005 that Yevgeny Sudbin last came to play at São Louenço. He was twenty five then and we thought he was excellent. But look at him now, a huge international career established,  married and totally blown away by the  recent arrival a baby daughter and playing with glittering brilliance. In all my years of concert going at the Cultural Centre I have never felt that huge wave of enthusiasm and appreciation from an audience at the end of each section of the concert. And as for his encores!

Everyone should have already received the program for our October concerts and if they have taken a look will have probably noticed that there is a strong thread of Romania running through both the musicians and the pieces of music they have chosen to play. In the first concert on the 20th we shall hear them play the famous Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata followed in the second half  by the less well known but highly romantic Enescu Sonata opus 6. The second program on the 23rd is also awash with romance too and the sentimental Chausson Poéme may bring many a wistful tear to the eye at the end of the first half, although Bartok’s Dançes populares at the beginning of the second will call for serious self control if foot tapping is to be avoided.

And so we come to November and on the 13th we shall have the opportunity to listen to Antonio Pedro Cebola when he gives a concert at the auditorium at Vale de Lobo. This is not an Amigos event but I am sure many of us remember him from the Paul Crossley Master class series last year and will want to hear this outstanding young man play again. I viagra professional have had sight of his proposed program and although perhaps I shouldn’t, I will tell you in advance that he will be playing the Bach/Busoni Chaconne. The Liszt Sonata in B minor. Chopin Nocturne Op.27 no.2 and the spectacular Chopin Andante Spianato et Grande polonaise brillante op. 22

On the 26th November we shall hold our Annual General Meeting. This year we are due to have elections

and anyone who would like to stand for office should start selecting their proposers now. The AGM will be followed by the now customary Gala concert when we shall hear for the last time from Joana Ballmann. Our sponsorship has now run its course, Joana has come to the end of her studies at the conservatoire in Cologne and I am sure we will all want to wish her every success in the challenging years ahead. Finally, as if yet again to confirm our successful twenty year relationship with the Cultural Centre, the Amigos are invited by Marie and the team to join them for a post concert supper.

Finally a little further advance information. On Wednesday the 29th December and Tuesday the 4th of January we shall have the pleasure of listening to piano recitals from Joana Gama who comes from Lisbon. Oh my goodness, Christmas so soon?

With good wishes,


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