October Newsletter

Published: October 31, 2019

27 Years of Great Music

To all Amigos/as

From Helga Hampton                             


Dear Amigos,                                                               October 20, 2019

Autumn greetings on a picture book Algarve Sunday !

We Amigos were able to greet the season in our October concerts with two evenings of glorious music by the aptly named “Autumn Trio”. These three young musicians – the Portuguese pianist, the Lithuanian violinist and the Russian cellist – had put together two programmes of great variety

including works by the composer Reinhold Glière, whose work was new to many of the assembled full-house audience. Charmingly introduced by Agata Darashkaite from the violin, this “Hausmusik” was a true discovery.  The Trio gave great freshness in their playing to the familiar works of Schumann, Debussy and Brahms, and in Dvořac’s marvellous “Dumky” all melancholy cobwebs were blown away. With the glorious playing from each of the three artists, and exuding obvious friendship and pleasure in what they were doing, the Trio captured a very enthusiastic audience who showed their appreciation with sustained applause. How lucky we were !


Now to the November concerts:  I am offering two solo piano evenings, albeit with a difference.

Milan Miladinovich comes to us from Belgrade and a reputation of being an entertaining performer precedes him. We are in for a show, I am told by Roman and Milena Simovic, on whose recommendation Milan will join our roster of classy world class Amigo musicians.

            Tuesday, November 5th and Thursday, November 7th, 2019

His programmes are divided into “Music and Symbols”, offering  music by Bach, Chopin, Liszt, Scriabin on Tuesday. And “Night as Inspiration in Music” with works by Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and Ravel on Thursday.

So, as usual, I am urging you to make your reservations as early as possible by sending an email to:  reservasconcertos@gmail.com  and also AS USUAL, yet with more emphasis, I am asking you,

PLEASE, to notify Cristina of a cancellation as soon as you notice that you will not be able to come.  Please do so even hours before the concert.  We have waiting lists and could fill your empty seat(s) at the last moment.


How lucky for the Amigos who were able to attend last week and to partake in probably the last welcome reception offered on the Os Agostos terraces on Thursday.  With audiences of more than 100, indoor receptions tend to become somewhat of a crush. None-the-less, indoor or outdoor, the Os Agostos catering for the Amigos and their many music-loving guests, is remarkably sumptuous, always varied and generous.

Hence, with this combination of outstanding music offerings and stylish receptions, we have had  full-house audiences, and the reputation of our chamber music contribution to the Algarve cultural life is spreading. Our membership counts 100 members this Season !  I am very proud.

 Welcome to our 17  New Members !

M. Fatima Almeida

Per Anesten

Willem and Eugenia Bos

Stella Ferreira

Peter Foy

Nathalie and Frederik Haarmann

Lars Hinsenhofen

Kathleen Kuys

Rebecca and David MacNaughton

Siv Persson

Margarethe Thore

Jan M. Tromp

Herman and Louise van Bueren

I look forward to seeing you at Os Agostos as often as possible, and if you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me personally.  I am always available for a chat, as indeed I am for new suggestions and advice.

There are a handful of Amigos who have not yet renewed their 2019/20  membership.  I shall take the liberty of reminding them individually.  Of course, we understand if they have decided not to renew and look forward to seeing them whenever possible at Os Agostos as guests.

For your Agendas:            

Complete Concert Schedule 2019/20


November 5th and 7th,                        Milan Miladinovich,  piano

December 10th and 12th                         Antoine de Grolee, piano                            


February 18th and 20th                        Järna Trio: Juho Pohjonen, piano,

        Yura Lee, violin

         Jakob Koranyi, cello

March            24th and 26th                          Pierre-Andre Doucet, piano

April  28th and 30th                        Andrey Gugnin, piano           

May 19th and 21st                         Russian Trio: Evgueni Sinaisky, piano,

                                                                        Valeria Zorina, violin `

                                                                        Kyrill Timofeev, cello

June 16th and 18th                        Konstantin Lapshin, piano

Reservations are absolutely necessary: send an email to reservasconcertos@gmail.com  


Helga Hampton
E-mail: helga.hampton@btinternet.com
www: http://www.amigos-de-musica.org

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