January Newsletter

Published: January 5, 2022

30 Years of Great Music

To all Amigos/as

From Helga Hampton                             

Dear Amigos,                                                                                         

January 5, 2022

We are now definitely in the New Year – all end of 2021 festivities behind us and all hopeful for a new year of fewer challenges and less turmoil. With more lessons learned, new experiences absorbed and refreshed hope on board, we are well armed to meet future vicissitudes head on.


The first half of the 2021/22 Amigos de Música concert season is behind us, and we enjoyed amazing musical events at Os Agostos between September and December. We welcomed two old friends:  Milan Miladinovic and Antoine de Grolée, and two new musicians:  Pierre Andre Doucet and Irina Chkourindina.  Fortunately, in the old format, having escaped the restricting distancing rules, we were able to revert back to full evening performances.

Only December dealt us a difficult hand; with Nuno Marques stuck in New York we had to turn to the Vol Art Ensemble to fill in with a wonderful Christmas concert. And we are very grateful to Mikhail Shumov and his quartet for coming to our rescue.

So, now the look forward.  The second half of our present membership year – now in the winter break – will start in March.  With dates and participants all confirmed and reconfirmed with both musicians as well as with our hosts, Os Agostos, I can give you the following Concert Schedule

BUT, PLEASE NOTE:  a confirmation of the pandemic governing powers that be I cannot give you!  Sorry!!!

CONCERT SCHEDULE 2021/22 second half

March 22 and 24, 2022 Russian Trio: Evgeni Sinaiski, Kyril Timofeev, Aleksey Semenenko

April 26 and 28, 2022                Jeroen de Groot, violin, Bart v.d.Roer, piano ,  

May  24 and 26, 2022                Holger Groschopp, piano, Adele Bitter, cello

June 28 and 30, 2022                Leonardo Pierdomenico, piano


Please do not attempt to make reservation now. I shall be in touch again as soon as the reservation line is open

Let me end this first Newsletter of 2022 on a bright note:  Our hosts Maria and Antonio Farrajota report that they are beginning to prepare for a revival of their “main business” – big weddings in the coming year! This is indeed good news, as it seems to show that Algarve businesses are positively looking into the future.

Thank you all for your support, your patience and your friendship during a rather difficult time.

Thanks also to the Committee, for their unstinting help and assistance. And thank you all for being careful and for contributing to our concerted effort to STAY SAFE!!

With all my best wishes from London,


Helga Hampton
E-mail: helga.hampton@gmail.com
www: http://www.amigos-de-musica.org

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